Mechanical Plumbing, Things You Should Know

Mechanical Plumbing is an essential part of any construction project and, just like the rest of the project, it should be carefully planned for. A simple plan can involve the following;

First, the project lead and workers from the two major arms of plumbing, electrical and mechanical, should review the project plan together. This allows for blueprint modification, which is far less costly than fixing a plumbing mistake. This will help to solve conflicts in matters of working space, working time and in equipment use. It will also help integrate the different aspects of the project.

Second, All plumbing work should start, first from waste plumbing, then mechanical plumbing and finally comes the electrical part. The need for scheduled installation is critical, because it helps the plumbing team identify and resolve structural issues with relative ease.

Third, always ensure extensive measuring. The mantra is measure twice, install once. Use sub props or detailed markings to ensure that whatever is to be installed it is done the right way. The biggest time-waster in most plumbing jobs is re-installments or structure modification to accommodate plumbing systems.

Fourth, Project leadership is crucial,There has to be one person in charge of the overall project who will coordinate the different parts and be present to oversee the project and keep members updated.

Fifth, Sub-contractors, and contractors should be kept updated, including new members. Any modifications should be approved by the project lead, and not the private subcontractors. Nothing should be changed or modified without expressed project-lead approval. The modification approval strategy should be laid out clearly so that any changes are tracked.

Sixth; Planning for future modification should take place. Planning should involve installation for future modifications.

Finally and probably most important is documentation, Every action, plan, installation, change, discovery. Everything that concerns the project should be documented visually, by photograph and video. There should not be a compromise on this aspect. In day and age where cell-phones can easily provide limitless visuals and online storage through media like I-Cloud, Google drive, One-drive and others there is no excuse for sloppy records.
With an extensive planning both the mechanical and electrical plumbing should be successful.

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